Make Him Say Yes To You

Make Them Swoon

This is simply brilliant! You can have your recent crush ask you out on a date and make him say yes to you. It’s not rocket science- it’s actually the small things that counts. Gone are the days where men held the brakes and  the power to initiate a relationship. It’s time for you to set the trap! 😉


  1. Laugh with him

Boys love it when girls laugh at their jokes and find them funny. Tell him he is hilarious and watch his ego boost. But make sure that you laugh with him and never on him, even as a joke.

  1. Listen to him

It is essential for any relationship to be a confidant to the other. Be his leaning ear. Let him talk his heart out to you and feel connected.

  1. Turn group plans into dates

If you are handing out in the same group and you don’t know…

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