Incredible India

Make Them Swoon

India pulsates with the most colorful, diversified, engaging and spiritual life. One cannot just simply describe this magnificent country in one small paragraph. India, it is often said, is not a country, but a continent. Stretching from the snow dusted peaks of the northern mountains to the sultry sun-washed beaches of the southern coast, the country has abundance of spectacular natural beauties.The moment I think I have discovered the most breath-taking place to be seen in India, I stumble upon yet another wonder. They say- a picture says a thousand words. So, here is merely one picture each from each state. And mind you, there are many divisions in each state and more than one awesome places to visit in each division…so just do the math. Here we go:

  • Andhra Pradesh


Andhra Pradesh is an illustration of the diverse styles of temple building in the Indian subcontinent. The Chalukyan, Dravidian…

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