How to mend your strained friendship?

Make Them Swoon

The last F of BFF doesn’t always mean forever. Bummer! We all have a friend that we lost along the way. It’s time to take a step forward in mending these broken relations and starting afresh.


 Let the dust settle first

If the argument was quite recent, allow some time for the psychological wounds to heal. If you do anything now, you might cause more harm than good.

Purge your frustrations

Sometimes you’ll feel the need to vent out and validate your hurt feelings and that’s okay. It’s not healthy to hold your feelings in and pretend that you’re okay, so vent away.

But at the same time, don’t badmouth your friend to anyone. Instead, limit your tribe to just one person whom you can confide in and trust.

Give your ego a break

An ego may have good and bad parts, but one thing’s for certain:

When attempting reconciliation, both…

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